South Pine Touch
Season 1 Dates - 2024

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Monday Mixed






Thursday Ladies







29 January



Round 1



1 February

5 February



Round 2



8 February

12 February



Round 3



15 February

19 February



Round 4



22 February

26 February



Round 5



29 February

4 March



Round 6



7 March

11 March



Postponed / Round 7



14 March

18 March



Round 7 / Round 8



21 March

25 March



Postponed / Postponed



28 March

1 April – Easter Monday



Round 8 / Postponed



4 April

8 April



Round 9 / Postponed



11 April

15 April



Round 10 / Round 9 & 10



18 April

22 April



Round 11 /  Round 11



2 May

29 April



Round 12 / Round 12



9 May

6 May – Labour Day



Round 13 / Round 13



16 May

13 May



Round 14 / Round 14



23 May

20 May



Round 15 / Round 15



30 May

27 May



Round l6 / Round 16



6 June

3 June



Semi Final / Semi  Final



13 June

10 June



Prelim Final /Prelim Final



20 June

17 June



Grand Final / Grand Final



27 June

Phone Number for South Pine Touch

Please note the South Pine Touch phone number is 0499 039 239.  This is for all player and team enquiries, notifications of forfeits or general information. Alternatively you can contact the committee/administration via our email  

Please note that both the phone and email are monitored by volunteers. Enquiries on competition days will be monitored more regularly, however outside of these days the committee will endeavour to respond to your query within 48 hours.

Wearing Team Shirts

All players and referees are reminded that if in the cold weather they wish to wear a jumper or long-sleeved shirt on the field at the commencement of play, the item is to be worn underneath the team playing shirt.  

It is important that players and referees can be identified on the field by their team/referee's shirt and their playing number.

There are no excuses for not having your playing shirt/referee's shirt visible.

Wet Weather

In the event of wet weather, a decision to continue play or postpone games will not be made until 5pm on game day. If a decision to postpone games is made a notice will be posted on the website and South Pine Touch's Facebook page.

Please do not contact the South Pine administration until after this time.

Notification of Team Forfeit

If a team needs to advise of a forfeit, please do so by either emailing or contacting the competition night administrator on 0499 039 239.   

We ask that you consider the opposition if there is a need to forfeit and that you advise of the forfeit as early as possible. Notice after 4pm on game day will result in a 5-0 win to the opposing team and 0 allocation of points for the forfeiting team.